Responsibility Clause

Responsibility Issues:
  1. In order to adapt to possible changes in transportation schedules, political situations, and other force majeure factors, and to safeguard the highest interests of passengers, the company reserves the right to modify the itinerary. If such situations occur during the journey, they will be handled by the company's tour leader.
  2. If the company believes that a passenger is causing interference with the normal activities and interests of the entire group, the company's tour leader has the right to cancel their eligibility to continue participating in the tour at any time and any place. Any actions taken by the passenger after leaving the tour are unrelated to the company.
  3. If a passenger is unable to participate in sightseeing and accommodation due to personal reasons during the journey, it will be considered as an automatic waiver and no refund or compensation will be provided. Please kindly understand.
  4. As for safety issues during the trip, the special regulations of each airline and other transportation companies are directly responsible for passengers and luggage. In the event of transportation delay, luggage damage or loss, accidents, etc., it will be handled in accordance with the regulations of the transportation company, and the company is not involved. If the flight is cancelled or delayed, and the travel itinerary of the tour is affected, the company shall not be responsible for any liability.
  5. If the number of departing passengers is insufficient before the group departs, the company has the right to make appropriate arrangements or cancel the trip. If the departure is cancelled, all fees paid will be refunded in full. The company will not be responsible for any other compensation in this case, and passengers may not raise objections on this basis.
  6. Before or after the group departs, the company reserves the right to modify the itinerary and hotel arrangements. If there are any changes, passengers will not be notified separately, and passengers may not object on this basis.
  7. In special circumstances, the company has the right to cancel or replace any travel item before or after the group departs, and also has the right to shorten or extend the journey. Passengers may not object on this basis.
  8. Once a passenger has paid the deposit, it represents acceptance and agreement to the terms and conditions of this statement.